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Interpersonal Skills in the Workplace

To achieve your professional goals, you need skills to help you gain influence, leverage your knowledge, and navigate the political landscape at work, respectfully and with integrity.  However, without an understanding of workplace dynamics and the forces at play, it can be extremely difficult to achieve positive influence and gain credibility on the job.  

Maintaining focus can be difficult when we're working toward important goals.  We allow distractions to get in the way and often we have difficulty prioritizing.  This happens because we don't have enough information.  It means we don't have an informed strategy that's designed to help us manage those everyday realities of our work environments that easily throw us off track.

We need to decide what we want at work and choose a specific course of action to get us to where we want to go.  To achieve our goals, a key part of our strategy must include educating ourselves about the power of workplace dynamics and the cultural force field.


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