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The Language of Today's Leader

Leadership has taken on new meaning. Today's leaders are choosing to adapt a more service-oriented approach to leadership; balancing ambition with the desire for more meaningful work and personal connection. The leadership conversation has changed. Dialogue surrounding creativity, contribution and belonging is becoming common at all levels inside organizations. These conversations represent a shift in thinking, bringing new perspectives on how we lead and how we work together. 

Practical leadership tools and know-how are essential. However, the ability to create an environment that embodies purpose, personal connection and creativity, is necessary if leaders hope to generate positive influence and followership. 

Executive Coaching

Currently undertaken by more than 50% of today's Fortune 500 companies, Executive Coaching is becoming more widely used as an essential tool in helping professionals expand their leadership influence and capacity. As an Executive coach, I support clients in meeting challenges with focus and direction. Clients' goals have measurable outcomes and are fueled by personal intention, and by a deliberate, planned course of action. 


What aspects of leadership capture your attention?


Leadership Performance Groups

The leadership performance group brings together professionals with similar learning objectives, or shared goals. Through a series of focused conversations, participants share knowledge and experience in support of goal achievement within a group context. This is a facilitated small group process and provides a support network for women professionals that ensures ongoing collaboration and future success.  


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