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Positive Political Skills at Work

It's not your job title, your position on the organizational chart, nor is it your stellar job performance that guarantees career success.  To achieve your professional goals, you need skills to help you gain influence, leverage your knowledge, and navigate the political landscape at work, respectfully and with integrity.    

We can be naive about the workplace.  We believe that if we work hard, are accountable to others and conduct ourselves in a professional manner, we'll be next in line for that new opportunity or big project, or we'll be invited to share our knowledge and expertise with the company decision-makers.  More often than not, we never realize such outcomes.  Instead, we are blindsided; we are completely overlooked and excluded from those opportunities that help us gain knowledge and advance in our careers.  We become frustrated and resentful, and feel powerless to change our circumstances.  We ask ourselves:  'What am I doing wrong?''



What do you want?

  • More challenging work?  To expand your responsibilities?
  • To advance to the next level inside your organization?
  • A seat at the strategic planning table?
  • A new job title that's more in line with your job duties?
  • Greater leadership capacity and influence?


You need a strategy!

  • Assess your current situation; address barriers 
  • Acknowledge new or hidden opportunities
  • Set a specific goal; establish measurable outcomes
  • Identify next steps
  • Execute 

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