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Maryanne possesses the rare ability to listen, and with laser clarity, she helped me identify core issues to transform my entrepreneurial overwhelm into energized focus. Sessions with Maryanne always gave me more energy to move toward a refreshed clarity to tackle my week. 

Entrepreneur & CEO, Small Business (Executive Coaching)

I needed guidance to keep moving forward and realize my long-term career goals while meeting current commitments. Maryanne gave me the tools and feedback that allowed me to see how both things were possible,

Entrepreneur & CEO, Small Business (Executive Coaching)

I felt like this program added value to me as a professional, and I wanted more when we had finished; excellent course, would enjoy the other courses to help me develop. 

Project Manager, Private Sector (Self-Management Workshop)

I would recommend this program to anyone who deals with people on a daily basis.  I came out with a different perspective on my own behavior and what I need to change to become a more effective manager.

Supervisor, Public Sector (Workshop - Emotional Intelligence)

I learned skills to help me with my self-confidence and self-control; I learned about the value of listening and that it all starts with me.

Accountant, Public Sector (Workshop - Emotional Intelligence)

The coaching sessions helped me focus on my goals and needs both personally and professionally.  I always looked forward to the sessions because they gave me the chance to see how I was progressing, which ultimately made me more confident to pursue what I really want.

Marketing & Communications Specialist (Executive Coaching)
Executive Coaching
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