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Consulting for Leaders and Managers

Through dialogue and discovery, I help organizations uncover skill gaps, as well as strengths, to determine training needs specific to Leadership Development, Team Effectiveness, and when required, skills in managing the Human Resources aspect of the employment relationship.  

 - Talent Attraction & Recruitment (Interview Skills and Selection) 

 - Performance Management (Managing the Review Process and Employee Issues)

 - Employee Engagement & Retention

 - Emotional Intelligence & Conflict Management

 - The Generational Workplace


  Emotional Intelligence For Enhanced Leadership & Team Effectiveness

I began facilitating leadership training classes on Emotional Intelligence in 2001.  Due to the pace at which we operate today, as well as the rapidly changing employee:employer relationship, I believe EI is even more essential if organizations intend to remain competitive and productive.  Leaders and employees alike must learn to develop relationship skills that balance healthy self-management with healthy social skills.  

Healthy relationships are directly linked to our sense of well-being, and happiness.  It begins with our ability to understand our emotions and express ourselves in healthy ways.  The result is healthier interactions with others, which then leads to more sound decision-making, and the ability to cope with challenges and occasional setbacks. 

Emotional Intelligence is a tool organizations can leverage to shed light on specific training and development needs.  If you want your people to develop resilience, EI will help your people manage workplace stress and everyday challenges with greater ease and self-confidence, leading to higher levels of employee engagement and a more collaborative company culture.


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